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"Changing Hearts
Changing Minds - Changing Lives"

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My name is Fari Salievski. I started started teaching in 1982, as the owner I am told by many that KMA is considered as one of the most successful martial arts schools in the country and our premises have become a Liverpool icon.

I started teaching in 1982, in 1986 when I opened my own school. KMA has personally helped thousands to use discipline of martial arts to conquer their fears and transferring that power to all areas of their lives. No other activity can do this better!

KMA is certainly the largest school of its kind in Australia, it has been described as "Australia's Best" and "Australia's Largest" ultimately, it's all about training with the best so YOU can be YOUR BEST!

Fact is we are the "ONLY" martial arts school that owns its building in Liverpool...this means YOU get the best value rates as we do not pay RENT, further more we are here to stay and will not disappear!

Service - Value - Choice Of Memberships
Casual - Basic Program - Black Belt Club ™- Masters Club™

We have age specific classes with various styles and an enormous schedule (over 50 classes per week). Monday through to Saturday; early morning, lunchtime,evening to choose from Plus we have membership levels to meet your needs, goals & lifestyle!

World Class Facilities?  Check out our Fully Owned Premises
Wow, it's amazing how some schools use the words "World Class Facilities"...we strongly advise you visit, compare & trust your eyes to see that we offer the "Ultimate" in Martial Arts Facilities & Service.

Our facilities include: showers, change rooms, Wall to wall matting, MMA fighters arena, full length bags, massive viewing area, MA Pro store & so much more...

Some teach in school halls, small industrial complexes, some have no leases while others are on a month by month lease, which means they can disappear tomorrow! We have no such problems at KMA as WE OWN OUR BUILDING. 

There is no compromise on student service and YES we have air conditioning !
Take a tour of the Palace.... KMA Liverpool

The famous & Internationally renowned recommending KMA
Great network, great people recommending KMA, check them out! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQm_IC82iVUZ3HBWkeV9AwdfmnRb3iujO